Friday, December 18, 2009

The beauty

it is so beautiful
but beautuy wont last long
the thoughts and the thorns
thorns stay
but not the beauty
it is fallen
the thoughts stay
the thorns in the heart
it is pianful
and its bleeding
memories are painful
pian is sweet but not always
its growing, its breaking
the pain of love
but all the pain is not sweet
just forget it
but how when it stays
its growing
covering every inch
it is painful
the pain of love
its bleeding
every moment
memories are bad
bad memories
they were good
but the beauty has thorns
it is fallen
but the thorns stay
it is covering the heart
it is bleeding
every moment
it was sweet
but just momentary
never pluck a folwer
stay away
just stay away from thorns
and thoughts and pain

Thursday, December 17, 2009


The clouds and clouds
what I see when I look ahead
its just stopping my view
and where is the sun?
no its an eclipse
just an eclipse
it will come and it will go
you will see the sun again
but I am not seeing the light
is it night? it is not
then where the sun is
is it eclipse. such a long eclipse
why eclipses, why moon. why blocking my view
its life, just life
I learned not to see the sun when there is an eclipse
but why the clouds
why it is so darkit is dark but it is not night
in the night you can wait for morning
but if it is not night
how can I wait for the light
the light which goes away
the darkness stays everywhere
light needs energy
but darkness is cold too cold
just enough to freeze my blood
then the memories will stop
when the memories stop
you will forget what was in the light
and the eclipse will be forgotten
you will stay in the dark
just learned to stay in the dark
darkness give you pleassure
more than what you wish
that is the power